Creaky or sore?

Creaky after a tough training day? Delayed-onset muscle soreness after your last marathon or the big homecoming game? Or maybe arthritis is slowing down your golf swing or wrecking your tennis game.

Whether your sport is cycling, running, yoga, tennis, golf, triathlons or Zumba, Roxbury Pain Relief & Injury Rehab is the one-stop solution for athletes and fitness enthusiasts in Morris County, NJ.

An extension of our sister practice, Randolph Pain Relief and Wellness, our certified athletic trainers and licensed sports massage therapists use special techniques developed by Randolph PRWC to promote circulation, clear out damaged cells, reduce pain and help speed recovery. They’re experts in¬†accelerating recovery and rebuilding from hard training and competition.

Recovering from injury?

We’ll work with you on a true rehabilitation plan — the kind that gets you back to where you were before, plus some!